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 "Ceren-Miller" MKCL 15-30


MKCL15-30 Dry

The big-size model for industrial use achieves steady production of large volume. Hopper has magnet with 1000 gauss, the standard feature for exclusion of foreign item. Main body is built with cast iron of special strength for noise-reduction purpose. As option, body composed material is to be selected such as stainless steel on powder tangible section for food production, or ultra-hardened iron for extra-hard material.


Model MKCL15-30 MKCL20-60 MKCL25-100
Motor 22Kw , 3P 45Kw , 3P 75Kw , 3P
Standard capacity 150~200kg/Hr 200~250kg/Hr 450~550kg/Hr
External dimensions
1720×1240×870mm 2000×1450×1030mm 2450×1750×1200mm
Weight 2500kg 3500kg 5000kg

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