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Chopper for frozen meat and bones:mincer "Chopper"

Compact chopper MKBC-42

These compact machines for small-lot production are specially designed for easy disassembly and cleaning. They are available for processing chicken bones and cartilage, as well as raw and frozen meat. The MKBC-42 model incorporates a force feeding screw, which reduces labor costs by reducing the operator's work load.



Model MKBC-22 MKBC-32 MKBC-42
Motor 0.75Kw, 3P 2.2Kw, 3P 7.5&11Kw, 3P
Standard capacity 20~100Kg/Hr 50~200Kg/Hr
External dimensions
610×325×490mm 700×350×600mm 900×900×1100mm
Weight 45Kg 90Kg 280Kg