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Chopper for frozen meat and bones:mincer "Chopper"

Heavy duty chopper MKBC6-20

These choppers enable polishing-free operation by using a cartridge where a knife insert is fixed in a knife hilder, which interfaces with a plate, while polishing each other. Screw settings for pitch, depth, number of turns, rotational speed, etc. are adjustable according to the material to bechopped. MKBC6-20



Model MKBC6-20 MKBC8-40 MKBC11-75
Motor 15Kw, 3P 15~30Kw, 3P 30~55Kw, 3P
Standard capacity 1~2Ton/Hr 2~4Ton/Hr 4~6Ton/Hr
External dimensions
1300×900×1500mm 1650×1400×1500mm 1750×1700×1400mm
Weight 700Kg 1100Kg 1600Kg