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Marrow remulsion manufacturing line

The Marrow Remulsion Line is the only one of its kind in the world. This revolutionary system actually converts chicken and pork bones into a fine meat paste (marrow remulsion).
The resulting product is a food material that is absolutely smooth. The system consists of a cutter,chopper,water supplier,agitator,Supermassco-lloider and charger - each connected by special-purpose carriers. We've focused on labor saving through automation at all stages from pretreatment to packing the final product. As a result,we can provide systems ranging from small manufacturing lines to large-scale lines for pork and cattle bones.

Chicken bone paste manufacturing line.

Chicken bone paste manufacturing line.
Raw material Chicken bones are arranged to form block. (-15 ~ -20℃)
Bone cutter Refrigerated blocks are thrown into the bone cutter without preprocessing. They are scraped into chips.
Bone chopper Roughly scraped bones are chopped further, resulting in a material like minced meat with 5mm granules.
Agitator Since the water content of bone is lower than that of meat, it is necessary to meat.
Super-masscolloider The supermasscolloider can produce paste meat that does not feel rough to the tongue with only one passage though the machine.
Product The product is immediately quick frozen (-35℃ ~ -40℃) to yield the final product.

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Comparative analytical data of Marrow Remulsion and raw meat

  Chicken body bone Chicken Pig back bone Pork Cattle back bone Beef
Water 65.6% 66.3% 61.3% 66.2% 64.2% 64.0%
Protein 16.8% 17.2% 12.4% 17.5% 11.0% 18.0%
Lipid 12.1% 15.8% 12.0% 15.1% 8.9% 16.4%
Carbohydrate 0.2% 0.2% 0.1% 0.5% 0.1% 0.3%
Phosphorus 797mg/100g 180mg/100g 2.16% 160mg/100g 2.03% 130mg-100g
Iron 3.61mg/100g 0.5mg/100g 3.19mg/100g 0.8mg/100g 2.88mg/100g 1.9mg/100g
Sodium 96.0mg/100g 30mg/100g 147mg/100g 40mg/100g 148mg/100g 60mg/100g
Calcium 1.49% 0.026% 4.52% 0.005% 5.09% 0.004%
Heavy metal Not detected Not detected Not detected
           (Reference from Japan Food Analysis Center)


 What is Marrow Remulsion?

To answer the question let's start at the beginning. Bone is a material that is basically a thin calcium pipe containing marrow,which itself is thought to consist almost entirely of calcium. So the composition of bone is actually not much different from that of meat. Nutritionally, bone contains many of the nutrients required by the human body; these include phospholipid,phosphoprotein,collagen,chondroitin,various amino acids and vitamins A,B1 and B2. You could say that bone is even more nutritious than meat. Consequently,once bone is pulverized into a perfectly smooth marrow remulsion,it can be easily blended with other foods like cookies,sausages and hamburger steak. Since the food processing industry recognized the tremendous potential of marrow remulsion,it has acquired the status of a new type of food,and is no longer just used as feed or fertilizer .