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Environmental Management Standard ISO14001

On February 10th, 2001, we acquired ISO 14001 Certification by the JSA - Japan Standard Association. Since them we have actively been developing our environmental management operations and maintenance systems.

3 years have passed since the certification process for ISO 14001 started and since then we have been developping our own unique environmental management systems, fulfilling all requirements and standard practices required for ISO 14001certification, even exceeding the minimum requirements. Therefore, we did not updated the assessment of ISO 14001. As a company, we have become socially responsible and abiding by global and local environment regulations.

What we can do, currently. (Developers of unique Environmental Management Systems)
Our Environmental Management System complies with the Environmental Management Standard (EMS) ISO 14001. Our system enables surveillance and controlled environmental management practices in accordance with the PDCA cycle. We also conclude that even a small company like us can operate a cost effective system required by regulated environmental management laws.
We are in the process of perfecting our system, while we have achieved great performance in reducing environmental stress, complying with all required legal matters. Also, we also contribute to good social causes and increase environmental education without causing disruptions to daily operations and overextending our capacity.

Presently, as the year 2010 is approaching, which is the target date that Greenhouse Gas (GHG) restrictions become law, and also designated as the Kyoto Protocol ( anti-global warming policy), more and more companies are complying with the new law, but the additional taxes or Emissions Trading fees will become a financial burden for some companies.
In the near future, a company's competitive edge will depend on how a company coping with environmental issues such as energy conversation and waste management issues. Companies must develop management strategy to completely review and make manufacturing processes more efficient and develop new manufacturing technology that produce little wastes following the rule of 4R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.
We are constantly monitoring, modifying and troubleshooting our efforts, and believe that our system, comparing with other similar medium to small size companies, is efficient and economical, reducing stress on the environment, and effectively manages our energy and environmental resources.