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Ultra-fine friction grinder "Supermasscolloider"

Dispelling the conventioal image of a crusher, Masuko's Supermasscolloider series of friction grinding machines produce ultra-fine particles which look almost like paste. The Supermasscolloider ultra-fine grinders feature two ceramic nonporous grinders (patented in 12 countries), which are adjustable at any clearance between the upper and lower grinder. Using ceramic grinders enables production of particles that are more roud shape and smoother-with a more uniform grain size-than by other crushing methods

Impressive internal structure
It is extremely easy to assemble, disassemble and clean Supermasscolloider grinders, making them ideal for all kinds of plants, including food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.
Easy control of grinder clearance
Setting grinder clearance is important because it determines grain size, or the quality of products. Supermasscolloider are equipped with a clearance adjusting handle, which vertically moves the rotary grinder in 1/100mm increments.


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Our ultra-fine friction grinding machine is equipped with special grinders,which produce overwhelmingly fine and round-shape particles of products. These grinders have 150kinds and over variations classified in material itself, material particle size, or ditch style. Besides, anti-bacterial grinders are added in our range which help keep good sanitary conditions at foodstuff industry. Thus our grinders can process any material.



As previously mentioned briefly, conventional grinders have a porosity of about 40%. Accordingly, when raw food materials such as animal bones are triturated, the liquid containing nutrients such as protein enters the inner part of the grinder which promotes the growth of innumerable bacteria. Also sometimes these pores cause cracks of grinder due to uneven heat distribution or thermal stress. The Supermasscolloider solves these problems completely, there is no growth of bacteria and no crack due to thermal stress.