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Multi functional mill "Supermasscolloider α" series main bodies

From small quantity processing for laboratory to mass production.

3 types of main bodies.
Applicable for any tritulation purposes by combination of various core parts.

Small type 8 kinds of different functions


It is easy to operate because of its compact size.
One machine for 8 functions by changing core parts inside braking chamber.
Most suitable type for laboratory and small production.

model motor capacity external dimensions Weight
MKCA6-2Jα 1.5Kw, 3 35~100kg/Hr See dimensions 60kg
Chop cutter(CO) with grinder(G)
※Chop cutter(CO) with grinder(G)
Medium type 12 kinds of different functions


Most popular medium sized production machine.
100% corresponding to customer's needs by one machine.

model motor capacity external dimensions Weight
MKZA10-15JⅣα 11Kw, 3 80~1200kg/Hr See Dimensions 250kg
Crush cutter (CR)
※Crush cutter (CR)
Large type 3 kinds of different functions


Large type ofαseries.
Mass production machine with jacket structure for many applications.
Easy to handle by upper lid spring system.
Whole cabbage can be fed into the hopper.

model motor capacity external dimensions Weight
MKZA15-40Jα 15~30Kw, 3 350~3500kg/Hr See Dimensions 650kg