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Impact pulverizer:Hammer mill   "Atomizer" MKA-10J


MKA-10J Dry

These large crushers can achieve products of uniform grain size with an extremely large capacity. Due to the rigid and compact design, they enjoy a wide range of applications in mass-production lines. The hopper can be equipped with a roll or plate permanent magnet or electromagnet to prevent magnetic substances being mixed.


Model MKA-10J MKA-15J MKA-20J
Motor 3.7~7.5Kw , 3P 7.5~15Kw , 3P 11~22Kw , 3P
No. of hammers 12pieces (1 line) 12pieces (1 line) 24pieces (2 line)
Standard capacity (dry) 50~150kg/Hr 150~400kg/Hr 400~800kg/Hr
External dimensions
1200×1400×1600mm 1500×1300×1800mm 1500×1400×1800mm
Weight 450kg 800kg 1000kg

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