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Impact pulverizer:Hammer mill   "Atomizer" MKA-5J


MKA-5J Dry

These are stainless steel, jacket-cooling, small production machines capable of atomizing small amounts of materials.
The front cover can be opened for easy disassembly, cleaning and reassembly. The machines enjoy high atomizing efficiency, easily producing fine particles of 200-300 mesh.


Model MKA-2J MKA-5J
Motor 1.5Kw , 3P 2.2~3.7Kw , 3P
No. of hammers 6pieces (1 line) 12pieces (1 line)
Standard capacity (dry) 10~30kg/Hr 30~50kg/Hr
External dimensions W×L×H 720×690×1070mm 940×650×1430mm
Weight 150kg 250kg

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