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Chopper for frozen meat and bones:mincer "Chopper"

Yam chopper MKBC6-8-15

This is the chopping machine that exclusive use of grated Yam paste. It has big capacity. The characteristic of Yam chopper is easy to disassemble and cleaning of the machine.

A spiral of material feeding part and pitch of a spiral are specially designed to produce sticky products efficiently. Raw material doesn't enter the drive part of the machine in order to suppress the growth of bacteria. The structure of the machine makes not only cleaning easily but also to keep perfect sterilized condition after completion of cleaning by keeping sterilizing liquid in the chopping room.

Yam chopper
Raw material Capacity Remarks
Yamato Yam potato 500~600 kg/hr In case of frozen material
Long Yam potato 200~300kg/hr same as above


Motor 7.5kw + 0.4kw, 3 phase
Diameter of plate Φ200mm
Hole size of plate Φ 1.1 ^ 1.5mm
Machine weight approximately 700kg
External dimension 600 x 1344 x 2568mm