Professional manufacturer of grinding equipment and grinding equipment.


Serving wide range of industries

"Grind everything except Diamond"and"Recycling un-utilized resources"are our corporate mottos.
Most of our various grinders are patent worldwide.
All those grinders do the core function to enable the ultra-fine grinding.
To meet wide range of raw materials, we provide 150 variations of grinders, that put MASUKO SANGYO CO.,LTD.far ahead of competitors.

MASUKO SANGYO CO.,LTD. has a test room furnished with all test machines to welcome.
customers to verify machine's performance. This test is done also for the purpose to select the very best suitable model based on the test result.

Technology to produce products from nothing, and recycling technology

(From a bone / a fishbone becomes food material)
The bone which we disposed before becomes new foods which are
full of calcium and rich collagen mineral.

(From building scrap wood and used paper / scrap becomes charcoal board for building materials)
A milk carton is regarded as a mass of woody fibers, and a woody fiber is regarded as bundle of Cellulose molecules.

Our machine grinds the carton into Cellulose micro-fibrils. As well as Cellulose molecules, Collagen fibers are derived from leather scraps. A bundle of collagen fibers can be de-fiberized into collagen molecules by means of our grinding-mill. Cellulose and Collagen molecules, this mixture stabilize the property of material to transform into various recycled products, such as construction material, mold products, and composite pulp film.

MASUKO SANGYO CO.,LTD. has established this Paper Recycling Technolosgy

Efficient designing and production

To comply with recent diversity of the customers demand and higher criterion, MASUKO SANGYO CO.,LTD. incorporate state-of-art CAD system to update the grinding- expertise.