Professional manufacturer of grinding equipment and grinding equipment.


Around 1750 Manufacture hundreds of cannons under the leadership of Shuhan
Takashima in the last days of the EDO era.
April 1922 Established MASUKO MERCHANT in Kawaguchi city for the business of Kawaguchi's special products.
August 1947 Start manufacturing cast iron products and industrial machinery in Kawaguchi-city.
August 1971 Incorporated into MASUKO SANGYO CO., LTD.
1972 - 1979 Develop Full Automatic Tofu manufacturing plant chicken and pig bone marrow remulsion manufacturing line;
Start sales of small-scale Tofu(bean curd)manufacturing unit in the United States
October 1982 Develop cattle bone marrow remulsion manufacturing line
September 1984 Develop the carbide colloidal composite fuel manufacturing line
November1985 Awarded the Saitama Industrial Technology Grand Prix for the polymer complex structure of a grinder and its manufacturing method.
January1986 Awarded in recognition of technical services to the food industry for the development and the distribution of the "Suppermasscolloider", a grinder producing ultra-fine particles.
February1986 Awarded for inventing a system that converts bones into a food material.
February1987 Awarded In recognition of the innovative idea of polymer complex structure for grinding-head.
December 1987 Awarded by the Saitama branch managre of the Association for Inventions for a triturating system and three other items.
Develop fully automated manufacturing lines for chicken, pig and cattle bone marrow remulsions.
April 1998 Awarded by the director general of the Science and Technology Agency for developing ultra-fine grinders.
August 1988 Take patents on "GRINDELL" grinders in U.S. and U.K.
May 1989 Tsuneo Masuda, chairman, awarded the Yellow Ribbon Medal by Japanese Government.
March 1992 Adopt CAD and computer system
October 1993 Awarded a prize for the invention of the Cerendipitor, high-speed grinder.
November 1994 Completion of second factory in Hatogaya
December 1994 Launch company-wide "FiveS" campaign.
September 1995 Completion of new head factory
May 1996 Initiate company-wide TQMAmbition-Action 2000" campaign
July 1996 Designated as a "Sai-no-kuni" plant by the Saitama Prefectural government
April 1998 The patent for anti-bacterial type grinder was granted.
July 1998 Laser particle-distribution analyzer was introduced.
October 1999 Developed a air-flow type ultra-fine micronizer
"Ceren Miller".
February 2000 Acquired ISO 9001 qualification.
February 2001 Acquired ISO 14001 qualification.
January 2002 Started company-wide activity PurSuing customers' satisfaction and management quality improvement.
April 2002 80th anniversary of company foundation.
June 2002 Developed Ultra-precise cutting machine
" Micro-Meister".
February 2003 Acguired ISO9001- Year 2000 regualification.
January 2004 Initiate company-wide "TQM Ambition Action 21"
Lanch "Completion of Five S" campaign
June 2006 Developed Media-less hyper fine micronizer "Masscomizer X"
April 2007 85th anniversary of company foundation.
July 2008 Developed 24Hr continuous operation machine, oil circulation type Supermasscolloider, MK2B20-150J.
June 2009 Selected as "300 manufacture with vitality" by a government office.
June 2009 Developed multi function mill, one machine for 8 functions, Supermasscolloider α.
July 2009 Launch company-wide "6S" campaign.
Get ! TQM9000.
2011 Developed under decompression air-flow type ultra-fine micronizer "Ceren Miller DAU".
2012 Developed under decompression air-flow type ultra-fine micronizer "Ceren Miller DAU Mini".
2012 All employees participated volunteer activity in the disaster area.
2012 90th year anniversary character "MAX" debut.
2013 Implementation of 2nd volunteer activity in the disaster area.