Professional manufacturer of grinding equipment and grinding equipment.


Masuko Sangyo is designated as a "Sai-no-Kuni" plant by the government of Saitama prefecture.

"Sai-no-Kuni" plant is a factory superior with technology and an environmental aspect that the governor of Saitama prefecture designates it in order to be a partner to create richer Sai-no-Kuni, Saitama prefecture. Many factories of "Sai-no-Kuni" plant want to be "a place of good life" for working people and "a good neighbor" for a local area. "Sai-no-Kuni" plant succeed to contribute in various ways to the society. Therefore, we would like to spread the idea that "the making of that is one figure which a factory should aim at factory loved in an area", and we hope that "Sai-no-Kuni" plants to create better working environment and more communication between plants and the society.


Designating standard of "Sai-no-Kuni"plant

  1. The factory which contributes to creation at expansion of the employment of a person. The factory which contributes to welfare programs.
  2. The factory which contributes to create cleaner environment and tree planting activities.
  3. The factory which tries to prevent contamination to environment from spreading it.
  4. The factory which is open to public and contributes to the local society.
  5. The factory which accepts and organizes factory tour. The factory which contributes to develop technology.
  6. Technology and products of the plant represent Saitama Prefecture and its culture and contribute to image enhancement of a prefecture.
  7. The factory which contributes to expand employment opportunity for middle and senior aged people.

Masuko Sangyo has Plant tour. Please inform General Administration Division for the tour request. Plant tour and observation are acceptable from 9am to 6pm. We may not able to accept plant tour for circumstances of duties.
Please contact us over telephones beforehand by all means.